The popularity in ghost hunting and the paranormal has exploded over recent years, this has happened at the same time as smart phones becoming main stream. Apps are revolutionizing the way people work and live. To make things easier for wannabe ghost hunters, many ghost hunting apps have been released by tech savvy developers, most at very affordable prices! Whether these apps truly work or not is a bit of a sticky topic though. There also lots of gimicky ghost apps available which are obviously meant just for fun.

The idea of just being able to have a few useful ghost hunting tools on your Apple or Android phone is an excellent idea. There’s no real way of knowing if the evidence you collect through an app is accurate or not though because you have a lot less control than with a more manual piece of equipment.

Here are some of the apps available for ghost hunters to try out in the field on an investigation:

Ghost Radar

Ghost Detector

Ghost Kit


Ghost Hunter M2

Ghost EVP Analyzer

Ghost Hunter