The Most Haunted Places in Brazil

Brazil is one of the largest and most beautiful places in the world, it also has lots of haunted locations with tales of ghosts and paranormal activity.

Ever wondered where the most haunted places in Brazil are? Here they are!

1. São Paulo – Joelma Building

This location is very well documented for having paranormal activity. Located in Sao Paulo, Brazil the Joelma Building is steeped in history.


Haunted Brazil: Joelma Building

On the 1st of February 1975 the 25 story building became a towering inferno due to an overheated / faulty air conditioning unit. 756 people were inside.

Against recommendations, the building had been furnished with flammable materials. The desks, chairs, flooring, ceiling, insulation, everything was a fire hazard, needless to say the building was completely engulfed in flames within 20 minutes!

People who were inside ran to the roof in hopes of being saved, some were. Others leap to their deaths rather than being burned alive, in total about 200 lost their lives on that horrendous day.

With only one stair case still accessible, the fire crew resorted to drastic measures, attempting to evacuate people via the elevators. Fortunately they managed to save around 300 people using this method.

The building received heavy reconstruction in the four years following the disaster and was named Praca Da Bandeira. It is now said to be extremely active, with witnesses claiming to have seen spirits roaming the halls and offices while other claim to have a sense of sadness and uneasiness.

The Mystery of the Thirteen Souls

One of the urban legends surrounding the Joelma Building is the alleged reports of 13 people who became trapped in one of the elevators while trying to escape.

Legend has it that these 13 were burned alive in the elevator and were unidentifiable.

They are reported to be still be haunting the building to this day.

2. Brasillia – Brasillia City Hall


Haunted Brazil: Brasillia City Hall

The activity that has been reported at the City Hall resembles that of a poltergeist with reports of file cabinets opening and slamming when no-one is in the office.

Even scarier, a staff member was in one of the offices when suddenly the door shut itself, locking him inside! No one was there.

Locals believe that the location is haunted due to the fact it was once used as a morgue which housed thousands of dead bodies. Not only this, but the City Hall actually burned down at one point, killing some of the people who worked there.

3. São Paulo, Itanhaém – The Dream Beach


Hanuted Brazil: The Dream Beach

The Dream Beach is said to be haunted by a couple who were in love and sadly died there due to an accident.

No one knows exactly how they died, perhaps they drowned? Maybe they were knocked over by the waves and hit their heads on the rocks?

There are reports of a couple of ghostly figures walking along the beach or out of the sea, but things aren’t as they should be … their bodies in a state of decay.

Others have witnessed loud screams and distant voices in the middle of the night when no one else is there. Could this be the spirits of the two lovers who died but have never left the beach?

4. Rio de Janeiro – Petropolis Museum


Haunted Brazil: Petropolis Museum

At the heart of the city of Petrópolis lies The Imperial Museum of Brazil. Built in 1845, the museum is located in one of Emperor Dom Pedros II stunning palaces.

It is said that the Emperor hasn’t left the palace and his ghostly figure is sometimes seen at night in the palace garden!

5. Rio de Janeiro – Campos, The Road to Victoria


Haunted Brazil: Road to Victoria

Many truck drivers on this stretch of road have seen things that they can’t explain.

Suddenly a group of people will appear out of nowhere, crossing the road infront of the vehicles. While the truck slams its brakes on, the people vanish just as quickly as they appeared.

Unfortunately many construction workers were killed while the trasportation routes were being developed. Could these be the spirits of the many construction workers who were killed in horrific accidents back in the 1970’s?

6. Rio de Janeiro – Road to Petropolis from Rio de Janeiro


Haunted Brazil: Road to Petropolis from Rio de Janeiro

There are multiple witnesses of paranormal activity on this stretch of road. What do they see? A blonde woman standing at the side of the road jumping up and down, waving her arms trying to get anyones attention.

Drivers think “maybe her car has broken down?” so they stop to see if they can help. When they ask the woman what’s wrong, she tells them that “Someone down there needs help!” and points downwards to a crashed car with someone lying next to it.

Panicked, the drivers rush down to the vehicle to see if anyone is injured and if they can help. They realize that the person lying on the floor is the same person as the woman who was stood at the side of the road.

As they look back towards the road, the blonde woman has vanished into thin air! Looking back toward the crash site, suddenly both the car and the body lying next to it have vanished too leaving the helpful driver left standing there all alone.

Could it be the spirit of a woman who died in a car crash at that exact location?

7. Minas Gerais, Cambuquira, The Grande Hotel


Haunted Brazil: The Grande Hotel

Back in 2009 Ghost Hunters International investigated The Grande Hotel in Season 1, receiving some convincing evidence and personal experiences. Their findings led them to conclude that this is in fact a haunted hotel!

The reson they were at The Grande Hotel is becuase there are numerous accounts of paranormal activity taking place, especially in room 204. Sightings of ghosts around the hotel, unusual knocking and disembobied voices have all been reported.

While on location, the GHI team obtained footage of a full body appartition in the hallway, a fast moving mist in the kitchen (where activity has been previously reported) and experienced many cold spots / drafts.


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