K2 EMF Meter Review

The K-II EMF meter has been around for quite a while and is a beginner level piece of ghost hunting equipment. Originally (and still is) used by electricians to detect EMF in buildings, the K-II is now used by many ghost hunting teams to identify the presence of a paranormal entity.

Many people are also becoming increasingly aware of the effects EMF can have on their health, this has led to people specifically buying this piece of equipment to decide where “safe” places are in their house to avoid being in areas with high emissions.

Made Famous by Ghost Hunters

Ghost-hunters-emf-meterThe “Ghost Hunters” show on SyFy was one of the first shows to start using the K-II meter during their investigations.

Regularly Jason, Grant and the TAPS team would use the K-II meter to gather paranormal evidence, always trying to debunk their findings by searching for power lines or sources of electrical current. If there’s no rational explanation for the EMF spike, it is documented as being possible paranormal evidence.


Before carrying out a paranormal investigation it’s extremely important to take some time beforehand to survey the haunted building / location to check for and high EMF readings. This will then help later when you’re carrying out the investigation, if you do notice an EMF spike you will be able to refer to your earlier observations to see if the EMF spike is unexplainable or not. If it’s not, then something may have been in the room with you!

The K-II meter is extremely easy to use, it does come with instructions but it’s as simple as just turning the device on and heading out. The best advice is to get used to using the device first before taking it on an investigation. This will help you to understand the reading better and interpret what’s normal and what’s not. Doing this will make your paranormal research easier and more professional.

Check out what Mike from Viper Paranormal has to say about the K2 EMF Meter

The K-II EMF Meter features a set of LEDs across the top of the device that activate when the device detects an EMF fluctuation or spike. The LEDs range from green to yellow to red making it very easy for you and your team to notice when a spike has occurred, this may also be accompanied by a cold sensation, visual evidence or an EVP. Having the lights at the top of the device makes it very easy to use in the dark which is very beneficial to ghost hunters.

The K-II is just the right size to fit into your hand and fit into your pocket but not quite as snug fitting as the P-SB7 Spirit Box.

The most recent model of the K-II meter features an on / off button. The previous model didn’t have this function and investigators were required to hold down the power button, this caused false readings because their finger would lose grip or pressure!

Do I Need a K-II EMF Meter and a Mel Meter?

If you’re taking paranormal research seriously then ideally you should have as many ways of documenting paranormal activity as possible.However if you find that you’re getting conclusive results from a specific device then stick with that. It’s advisable to have a backup for the K-II meter or have the K-II meter as a back up for your primary EMF meter.

The advantage of the Mel Meter is that it has a built in thermometer which is beneficial as you won’t need to carry an extra device. Recent models of the Mel Meter also include LED’s at the top of the device, similar to the K2, so if you can afford it perhaps consider purchasing the Mel Meter for paranormal research.

Take a look at this video to see the K2 in action.

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