Mel Meter 8704R Review


An item well known by many paranormal investigating teams as being one of the best items in their tool kit is the Mel Meter. It’s main selling point is the fact that it is multiple pieces of equipment all bundled into one. This means less baggage on investigations allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

This device is used by all paranormal investigators who take what they are doing seriously. It has also been used extensively on shows such as Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures and Paranormal State.

Of course just like the K2 EMF Meter, the Mel Meter isn’t only used by paranormal investigators. As more and more people become aware of high EMF in their houses they are making educated decisions about where they spend their time and where they sleep making them feel more at ease.


Fluctuations in AC/DC current or EMF spikes are considered by paranormal investigators to be a possible sign of a paranormal entity. This is exactly what the Mel Meter measures, it also has a built in thermometer which is perfect for ghost hunters.

Changes in temperature can also be a sign of the presence of an entity, with the use of a thermometer you can document exactly why you feel a temperature drop and why you’re getting goosebumps! The temperature readings are extremely accurate and immediate!

The Mel Meter 8704R REM model includes a built in REM meter at the top of the device. This is a set of 4 bright LEDs that light up when the electro magnetic field created around the device has been interrupted. The LEDs are activated, changing color depending on the distance and strength of the EMF distortion.


“When the circuit is activated, an independent discreet EM field is created around a mini telescopic antenna. This EM field can ONLY be influenced by materials and objects with high electron mobility (many free electrons) in other words conductive properties. Conductivity is determined by the types of atoms in a material. Based on Conductive source, proximity & strength, the EM field can be easily changed causing some field distortion. When this happens, there are (4) colorful LED lights and Sound that will activate. The visual and audible response is proportional and correlates directly to the REM field disturbance. The stronger the influence on the REM field, the more intense the LED’s and Sound response. This new feature is immune to Radio Waves, AC/DC EMF and other influences that may lead to a false positive response. For best results, Place the device on a non-conductive surface when conducting your communication sessions. The Mel-REM can also be used as a hand held device, but careful attention should be made to keep hand and fingers toward the bottom of the instrument.”

The build quality of the Mel Meter is very high, by this we mean that it’s very strong, solid and durable, great for taking on regular investigations!

Specially Made for Paranormal Investigators

Being able to document EMF levels and temperature while carrying out an investigation is brilliant for ghost hunters. EMF spikes and drops in temperature (cold spots, sudden blasts of ice cold air) are common signs of possible paranormal activity. Being able to monitor these 2 occurrences at the same time using only one device makes this an essential tool.

With ghost hunters in mind the Mel Meter has a red backlit screen and some models also have illuminated buttons! The REM LEDs are very clear to see during dead time as is the screen, ensuring you are always aware of what is occurring during the investigation.

A red LED flashlight is included on top of the device which will not interfere with infa red cameras while on your investigation (don’t point it directly at cameras though, there are accounts of it causing a glare effect).


There are a few different versions of the Mel Meter available so be sure to read the information about the product fully before purchasing!

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