Ovilus 3 Review

Ovilus 3 is the latest in the Ovilus line of product available for paranormal researchers / ghost hunters. Zak, Nick and Aaron from Ghost Adventures have used the older Ovilus X extensively during their investigations in an attempt to communicate with paranormal entities.

The product is designed and built by Bill Chappel at www.digitaldowsing.com. Bill is often seen on Ghost Adventures with his latest inventions such as the specially adapted Xbox Kinect camera which has been developed to try and track ghosts.

Intelligent Responses with the Ovilus 3

The main goal of the Ovilus 3 is to communicate with spirits. It achieves this by using several sensors that are built into the device to monitor changes in the environment around it. Using specially developed software, these changes in the environment are converted into numbers which correspond to a specific word in the Oviuls 3’s word database.


As the Ovilus 3 “speaks” via the internal speaker, it also shows the word that is being “spoken” on a backlit LED screen. The device is structurally solid and very well made. It’s just the right size for investigations and fits into your hand very nicely.

Full instructions are included with the device, these will help you get used to using the device as there are many new settings compared to the older Ovilus models.

Here are some of the Ovilus 3’s features:
• Word dictionary of over 2,000 words – Built-in 6-line display for words
• Internal speaker that ‘speaks’ the words with volume control
• Thermal flashlight changes colors indicating changes in temperature
• Multiple operating modes including dictionary and phonetic modes
• Powered by x3 AAA batteries

Ovilus 3 Modes

1. Dictionary

The device uses energy changes in the environment and converts it into a number which then relates to a word in the stored dictionary. This word is the “spoken” and shown on the screen to easily document.

2. Q & A

This mode is specifically for question and answer sessions to attempt to allow clearer direct responses.

3. Phonetic

A bar appears on the screen to signify the amount of environmental energy changes taking place. This mode does not pull words from the built in dictionary and instead attempts to speak more naturally. This is the mode that many paranormal investigators prefer to use.

4. Reverse Phonetic

The same as phonetic mode but it reverses the sounds that are heard.

5. Touch

Ideal to use the Ovilus 3 as a trigger object. The device is placed on a flat surface and is left for a few minutes, you can then ask for a spirit to touch it. At this time the device will make a sound to let you know that the device has indeed been touched!

6. Draw

This mode transfers the data that the device is observing via the energy that is around it into a visual appearance on the screen. Perhaps this is an attempt to allow entities to be able to manipulate their energy to show us something relevant on the screen?

7. White Noise

For use when attempting to capture EVPs on other devices. Many paranormal researchers find that they can receive better EVPs when white noise is present.

8. Energy Scope

This allows you to visually see any spikes in energy around the device, it also has 4 LEDs that illuminate similar to K-II meter.

9. Utility

This is the “Options” menu on the device that allows changes such as volume control, pitch and gain.

Thermal Flashlight

An efficient thermal flashlight is included at the top of the device, this acts as a flashlight changing colour from red – yellow – green – blue depending on the temperature around the device. This is great for monitoring cold spots and sudden drops in temperature around you or your team members.

Final Thoughts

While there’s no way of actually proving that the Ovilus 3 is allowing spirits to interact with you, it’s still a valuable piece of ghost hunting equipment.

If it does give credible evidence at the same time as say, capturing an EVP, visual evidence or sudden EMF spike then this could easily be concluded as receiving valuable, intelligent communication.

When the Ovilus 3 starts to “speak” words that are relevant to the location or the history of the place then it is very hard to discredit it!

As much evidence should be collected from as many different sources / pieces of equipment as possible. After analyzing all of the evidence that you have availbale it will then become very apparent as to whether the Ovilus was accurate or not.

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