P-SB7 Spirit Box Review

The SB7 Spirit Box made by ITC Research has become a must have for all serious ghost hunters. This particular piece of equipment has been used extensively by the Ghost Adventures crew, with amazing results. Without the SB7, it’s safe to say that their show wouldn’t have gone to the levels that it has.

First Used by Ghost Adventures LIVE on TV

Ghost-Adventures-Live-SB7-Spirit-BoxThe P-SB7 actually made it’s debut on the 4 hour long live stream of Ghost Adventures back in October 2009.

The GAC were investigating the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in West Virginia, if you haven’t seen it you should definitely check it out, the episode caused some serious controversy!

Since the special live episode, the spirit box has been one of the main pieces of equipment that is seen on Ghost Adventures. With this they are able to receive intelligent communication which is very credible due to the nature of the messages that are being received (relevant to the location, people, history etc.). This is why the spirit box has featured so heavily on the show, nothing else is able to give the same kind of instant results.


The P-SB7 is essentially a device that provides results similar to an EVP recorder but you can listen to the sounds in real time instead of having to go back and listen to a recording. To make this piece of equipment even better, it has two audio outputs. This allows investigators to attach a pair of headphones or an external speaker (as seen often on Ghost Adventures) to make sure you never miss any paranormal evidence.

The way the spirit box works is by sweeping though a range of FM and AM frequencies from 76MHz to 87.9MHz. This is currently the widest frequency range available. After getting to grips with how the spirit box works you will develop methods that you find work best. This is where the adjustable sweep rate will really let you heighten your investigation, with the dded ability to sweep in forward or reverse the latest SB7 covers all bases.

Specially Made for Ghost Hunters

With paranormal investigators in mind, the designers have made sure that the ghost box is easy to take to locations and use in the field. It’s just the right size to fit in your hand and carry in your pocket (about the size of a cell phone). The blue backlit screen is perfect for night time investigations to make sure you can see what you’re doing with the handheld recorder, although this is quite bright it can be easily turned off so that you’re in total darkness.

Do I Still Need a Digital Voice Recorder?

A digital voice recorder is still an essential piece of equipment for ghost hunts to ensure you can collect as much conclusive evidence as possible.

It’s also advisable to record your spirit box sessions for later analysis as there might be something that you missed or didn’t hear initially on your investigation. This can be easily done because of the 2 audio outputs, simply plug a digital recorder into one port and plug an external speaker into the other. This will isolate the spirit box and the digital recorder will exclude all external sounds.

Most paranormal teams will use many pieces of equipment during their stay at a haunted location including digital recorders to capture EVPs and spirit boxes to get instant, direct responses.

Spirit Box Add Ons

If you’re considering buying the SB7 spirit box it is highly recommended that you purchase an external speaker to accompany it and take with you on investigations.altec-lansing-spirit-box-speaker-scaresource-2

While the internal speaker is adequate for some investigations (it’s located on the back of the unit), it’s not as loud as an external speaker. The added volume and clarity really helps you to identify any voices and sounds that are coming through the box which can then be easily documented. It also allows other members of your team to easily listen to the spirit box without having to stand right next to it.

Ideally you want to get a speaker that can easily fit in your hand but is also powerful, this is why you see the Zak Bagans and Ghost Adventures crew with a small round speaker when they are carrying out a spirit box session. A bigger speaker will be louder but it won’t be as convenient to carry around during your investigation.

Be aware there are many accounts of the SP7 Spirit Box doing exactly what it says it does – allows direct communication with spirits. This happens all of the time on Ghost Adventures with intelligent answers being received while questions are being asked and only static noise when nothing has been asked.

There’s lots of evidence from people who have purchased the SB7, documenting what they have experienced and how it has made many skeptics re-think their belief in the paranormal. With this in mind you must be sure that this is something you’re comfortable with and be prepared for anything that may occur.

Check out this video from Steve Huff of Huff Paranormal, where he talks about his spirit box experiences.

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