Imagine you’re with your friends in a dark, quiet house. You’re there to explore the possibility of finding something paranormal, something … supernatural. The most important thing to make sure the investigation runs smoothly is to make sure that your team has got the best possible equipment, to discover the secrets that are hidden in the dark.

At Scare Source we’re a team of paranormal enthusiasts that have had real paranormal encounters. We’re here to make sure that you can find the best ghost hunting equipment that’s available for your paranormal investigations. This is your one stop shop for getting the gear you need so you can head off and carry out your research.

There are so many pieces of equipment available to use now that we want to help our readers by doing the research for them and providing detailed analysis to come to an informed decision.

Not only do we provide up to date information on the latest gear but we locate the best haunted hotels, places, tours and events for you to visit around the world too!

Some of the ghost hunting equipment products we cover are:

– EMF Detectors
– EVP Recorders
– Spirit Boxes
– Full Spectrum Cameras
– Motion Detectors
– Thermal Imaging Cameras
Ghost Hunting Apps

If you watch the top paranormal shows like Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters International and Haunted Collector you will have seen the equipment that they use on a regular basis. The pieces of equipment that they tend to use the most, and most other ghost hunters use the most are EMF Detectors, EVP Recorders and the Spirit Box. At the moment these pieces of equipment are some of the best tools in a ghost hunters arsenal to collect substantial paranormal evidence.

Our Top 5 Ghost Hunting Kit Essentials

Here’s our quick guide to choosing the best ghost equipment for your investigation. If you’re own or in a team, we’ll make sure that you can make the right choice and stick to your budget.

1. Mel Meter

One of the best and most popular pieces of ghost hunting equipment is the Mel Meter. This multifunctional tool is the same piece of equipment that’s seen on many ghost hunting shows like Ghost Adventures and Ghost Hunters. The reason the Mel Meter is so popular is because it has multiple purposes meaning that one tool can do the job of many.


The purpose of the Mel Meter is to measure fluctuations of AC/DC current, this can signify the presence of an electrical current, if the electricity if off in a building and you get a sudden spike you can be pretty sure something strange is happening! The Mel Meter will also measure the temperature in the environment around the unit. The two measurements can be easily documented as the red back lit digital display shows both readings simultaneously, next to each other.

Now there are a few different variations of the Mel Meter such as the model that now includes built in LED lights to make you aware of an EMF spike, similar to the K-II EMF Meter.

If you’re new to ghost hunting then you should consider getting the Mel Meter or K-II EMF meter to start and learn with (it’s also slightly cheaper). The Mel Meter is a great investment though if you’re going to be taking your paranormal investigating seriously and want the most up to date technology at hand to use.

How can an EMF detector help with ghost hunting?

EMF stands for Electro Magnetic Field. An electro magnetic field is produced when an object becomes electrically charged. EMF detectors are built to measure the level of the electro magnetic field which is created by alternating current, this is produced by objects such as computers, TVs and microwaves.

EMF Detectors such as the Mel Meter are used by paranormal investigators due to the fact that is widely believed that when a spirit manifests it becomes electically charged and thus creates and electro magnetic field.

2. P-SB7 Spirit Box

The SB7 Spirit Box has become an essential tool for ghost hunters to have in their tool kit. Thrown into the limelight back in October 2009, the spirit box is one of the main pieces of Ghost Adventures equipment.


The spirit box can be used to communicate directly with the paranormal in real time instead of having to listen through hours of digital recording to see if anything was captured.

Using the technique of sweeping through AM / FM frequencies extremely fast either in forward or reverse has proven to be a way to enable voices from the other side to come through and answer intelligently. Due to the sweep rate speed, it’s very hard to dismiss a voice from the spirit box as a radio station or interference as the voice will carry over multiple frequencies.

How can a Spirit Box help with ghost hunting?

Enabling you to hear responses to questions in real time allows an investigator to know instantly that there is an opportunity to document paranormal activity. Often other devices such as an EMF meter will pick up energy at the same time that a voice comes through. If you’re getting evidence like this then you should spend more time in that area to document more of it.

By attaching an external speaker to the spirit box  it allows others in the team to clearly listen out for voices or unusual sounds that may occur. If you’re investigating with someone who recognizes the voice (deceased relative, friend etc.) this will help you to ask more highly relevant questions, which will result is better communication and evidence to document.

3. Digital Voice / EVP Recorder

Recording voices during paranormal investigations has been one of the main ways of capturing evidence of the afterlife. Some argue that tape recorders still give better results than digital recorders however, digital recorders are now used by most ghost hunting groups.


Capturing EVPs in the attempt to prove the existence of the paranormal is one the most common techniques used in the field. It can be extremely tedious to have to sit through hours and hours of recordings, but when you do hear something that sounds odd and is something that you didn’t initially hear it can send chills down your spine! It’s really easy to transfer audio files from a digital recorder to your computer via a USB cable or some can be plugged directly into the USB port.

With the advances in technology, devices are now becoming available that can identify possible EVPs for you instead of having to do it yourself.

How can a digital voice recorder help with ghost hunting?

By asking questions during an investigation you are trying to make direct contact with any entities that are present, hearing intelligent answers to your questions confirms that there is indeed something paranormal occurring.

Combining audio evidence with visual and physical evidence can produce a detailed account of the activity that has been experienced. This can then be used to take further action (cleansing etc.) if the activity is unwanted.

4. Video Camera / Camcorder

There’s no better way to document exactly what you’re doing and what is happening during a paranormal investigation than using a video camera.


Video cameras have become vital pieces of ghost hunting equipment. Ideally you want to have a few video cameras with you, some that you can set up on a stable tripods to monitor specific areas and some handheld cameras that you and your team can use to document everything. This can really make the cost of your investigations mount up, start with a few and then buy more, it will improve your documentation hugely. Evidence collected with video cameras often includes orbs, EVPs, shadow figures and mists.

Without night vision / Infa Red (IR) enabled, a video camera is basically useless for ghost hunting unless you are carrying out a day time investigation. Having night vision means you will be able to see at least some of what you’re doing in the dark without the aid of a flashlight, you will also be able to record in the dark as seen on ghost hunting programs. Other types of cameras are also available such as full spectrum and thermal, all are used to try and document and obtain as much paranormal evidence as possible.

How can a video camera help with ghost hunting?

Ghost hunting with a video camera allows you to thoroughly analyze the investigation and you may see or hear things that you didn’t pick up on at first. By recording the investigation you can also scrutinize how you investigate and recognize ways that you or your team can improve to produce better results.

If you want outside analysis of your footage you can easily upload it to your website or YouTube for other paranormal investigators to take a look at.

5. Motion Sensors

Paranormal activity can sometimes include seeing or hearing things such as footsteps, these don’t occur all of the time so having a motion sensor set up to monitor this phenomena is a great idea.


Motion detectors can be set up in areas that are reported to have paranormal activity. Make sure everyone in your team knows exactly where the sensors have been placed so that they won’t trigger them.

If you should be lucky enough and have the sensors triggered, maybe a ghost just walked past? You’ll be alerted by either an audio or visual alarm depending on the type of sensor you buy.

Depending on your teams preference, sensors can be purchased that only emit a light when activated while others have a high pitched alarm (as seen on Ghost Adventures).

How can a motion sensors help with ghost hunting?

Many times during paranormal investigations an investigator won’t be in every room of the building, a motion detector is an excellent way of monitoring any movement in the room. Paired with a night vision video camera mounted on a tripod, this allows investigators to document what may have caused the sensors to activate without the investigator even being there!

Motion detectors are a great addition to a paranormal investigation tool kit which allows you to collect more evidence, which can be analyzed later. There are many sensors available that can be easily transported and ran off batteries.